Sunday, 3 November 2013

All Skeined Up

I spent my Saturday morning skeining up my gorgeous Iridescent Puddle yarn. It took a while and I had to splice a few ends together to join the separate balls, but it was worth it. The resulting yarn is stunning. I love how the colours blend from the green to the pink.

Today I counted my yardage and while it is the most I've gotten from any skein I would have still liked there to be more. It measures about 249 yards. Perhaps I should wait until I've spun the other batt before deciding on a project so I can really make the most out of these colours. 

The fiber was from Nunuco on etsy. I would highly recommend taking a look at their shop. The batt was a delight to spin. It drafted very easily and was really well prepared. Handily they come in pairs of 50g batts so a 2 ply is very easily done. Prices and shipping are very reasonable and they process orders quickly.

I have my next spinning project all lined up but that can wait for now.

Have a fantastically fibery week everyone! 

P.S I've joined Instagram. Are you on there? I'm knitiot if you want to check me out. I haven't posted much on there yet. 

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  1. Those colors really are fabulous! I have not taken the Instagram plunge. Perhaps I need a smart phone first? I don't know... sometimes I am so overwhelmed by all the social site stuff!

    1. I think it's better with a smart phone. It can be overwhelming. I've narrowed it down to a few that I use regularly.

  2. It looks gorgeous. I have been eying up the Nunoco batts since you first mentioned them. This skein has nailed it. I need to take the plunge.

    1. Thank you. I can't take credit for the colour of course. I'm glad you're going to take the plunge! Which will you buy first though?!