Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fibery Fun

This week I've been mainly spinning so haven't got a great deal of knitting done. The knitting I have done hasn't been so great - I dropped a couple of yo's in my shawl and they were right above SSKs or K2 togethers, making fixing them very difficult. I'm not going to rip back as I'm really not that bothered by the mistakes and would probably make it worse. Perhaps I should have been using lifelines as I went along?!?

As for spinning; I started this beautiful top at the beginning of the month. It is Ixchel Bunny Magic Bunny Top and was the Dec '13 club colour way, Aurora. It's a lovely blend of merino, firestar, cashmere and angora. 
 I've divided the braid in halves and am almost finished spinning the first half. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final yarn. 
You may recall from a previous post that I had some Pygora goat locks in the way to me. Well they arrived and they've sat in my stash for a while as I've got to dehair them. I've only got 4oz but it's going to take quite some time; they look lovely though and I really hope they will be worth all of the time and effort! 
 What I've done so far...not much considering I did this over the course of an evening! 
I'd love to hear any tips for spinning locks as it's not something I've tried before. Ideally I would like to keep a little of the curl in my spinning but not too much, any suggestions are much appreciated. 

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  1. Oh, love the colors in the 'Aurora'. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that.
    I'd be interested in knowing more about the lock dehairing you are doing. I don't know much about this and am curious about the how's and why's of de-hairing.

  2. I don't know a huge amount about de-hairing, what I've read comes from ravelry. Mixed in with the soft locks are lots of black, wiry hairs that, as I understand, can be spun in to the yarn but are quite unpleasant next to skin. I'm using tweezers to pick out the guard hairs. Although the locks can be combed to separate the guard hairs, this produces much more waste. I hope that helps!