Sunday, 13 April 2014


As you know I've not been knitting a great deal recently. Over the Easter break we were able to get away to Bangkok for 6 days and I was able to meet up with some other knitters. We sat and chatted and knitted in Simply W (Whittards of Chelsea cafe)and I got a little of my knitting mojo back. Since being back at home though, I've not picked up my needles - the cold I came down with in the first 2 days of my holiday has not helped.

Initially I was frustrated by my lack of interest in my knitting but now I'm acceptant of the fact and trying to enjoy my spinning as much as I can. 

Part of the reason I've been so distracted recently is that I've got a new job and we are moving to Jakarta(!!!!) in the summer so I've been getting the necessary paperwork together for the visa process. We are really excited to be moving to somewhere new but the idea of shipping off my stash while we move is not an appealing one!

Over the next few months I'm going to have to try to pick out some knitting and spinning projects that will see me through about 3 months, while we wait to get our stuff. As you can imagine this is not an easy task so I'm really going to have to plan carefully...any suggestions would be great!

In the previous post I mentioned the Stitched Together SAL; I have been spinning for that and have finished half of my fiber. It's an angora/alpaca blend from Ixchel Bunny and the colourway is called Wallaby Dreaming. I've found this fiber quite challenging due to the slickness and staple length - I can't quite figure out the drafting of it so it's frustrating at times. I love the colours though and it's lovely and soft with a fuzzy halo so I will persevere. If you have any tips for spinning either alpaca or angora please do share them. 

Distracting me horribly from that though are some gorgeous custom dyed punis from Fondant Fibre. They are a blend of merino, BFL and silk and are my first punis. I've been incredibly eager to try this fiber prep for some time and have heard great things about Deb's. She was really helpful and accommodating and her attention to detail regarding the packaging is excellent; my parcel arrived with a stitch marker, wonderful sounding tea bag and a lavender bag! I will definitely order from her again.

That's it for now! Have a great week! Don't forget to follow the link below to follow me on bloglovin'. 

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  1. Wow, those punis are amazing! I can see why they are a distraction. The alpaca/angora yarn is stunning though, you must be torn. I hope you enjoy shopping your stash for three months. Of course I'm sure that should you run out, there will be shops in Jakarta! Congratulations on the new job and an exciting move.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes regarding the job! It will be very exciting indeed. I will have to look carefully at my stash and see what will keep me happy for that time; no doubt there will be a few projects on the go. I don't know what will be available in Jakarta but I can always get stuff posted to me if I need to. The punis are spinning up so well - I love watching the colours blending together!

  3. Your spinning looks great! Congrats on your new job!