Saturday, 3 May 2014


Mango Dumpling
As I write this I am sat in Starbucks, drinking hot chocolate - it's grey outside so thankfully I'm not missing a great deal. It's report writing season and this time I've decided that instead of sitting at home, surrounded by things I'd rather be doing, I'd try and get my reports written here. So far it's going well, although considering I'm blogging that may seem ironic to you. After a couple of hours I've decided I need a break from them. Also I've had too much sugar - in the form of a hot chocolate, bread and butter pudding and a mango dumpling - for it to be worth continuing for the time being. 

It's finally dawned on me that, in two months, we will be leaving the home we have made here in Suzhou. Seeing as I've had the job since December you may think I'm a little slow on the uptake, but there is simply so much going on at work that most of my focus has been there. I'm also realising now that this move will probably be harder than leaving the UK was. We've made some great friends here, seen some of them leave already, and now will be leaving some behind ourselves. Lots of little 'lasts' have already come and gone, last parent consultation, last class assembly, last winter for a while etc....and each 'last' from hereon in will be that little bit harder. Don't get me wrong though, I'm really excited to explore somewhere new and to start my new job, but the next couple of months are going to be a little emotional to say the least. 

On a more happy note I did finish spinning and plying a third of my Fondant Fibres custom dyed punis. I've done a two ply and really like the way it's come out. The colours have blended to create this gorgeous green but still have pops of blue and yellow running through it. I think this will knit up beautifully. The last two thirds of the punis have been divided equally and will be spun and plied soon.  

That's it from me this week. I hope you all enjoy the weekend! 

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  1. It's coming out beautifully. I might have bought a huge stack of punis from Deb recently (oops)

  2. Thanks! I'm not surprised that you bought some more. I definitely will in the future!

  3. Whoah, that is hand-spun on a drop spindle? That is gorgeous! I lived in Asia two times. It's sometimes hard to live there, but then again, it's hard to go. It's very far and not at all like moving from a city on the same hemisphere. :/

  4. Thanks for your compliment. I spun it on my support spindle. :-) Yes it can be hard to live here, but I'm glad we're staying in Asia.