Monday, 14 July 2014

Tour de Fleece

As many of you may know its Tour de France right now, which means it's also Tour de Fleece over on Ravelry. I'm participating in some unofficial teams this year and wanted to share what I'm spinning.

My first goal is to spin my yellow stonecrop batt by Nunoco. I'm currently half way through that and have wound off the singles I've done so far, so I can start the next half. It's a blend of merino, soya and silk noil and it's lovely to spin. It drafts easily and the noils and soya add some textural interest to the grey merino. The yellow and turquoise (it's showing as more blue than it really is here) will eventually be plied together. 

Next up is a WIP I've been spinning for a couple of months, my Fondant Fibre punis. I've finished spinning and plying about 2/3 of the fibre and am on my last 5 punis. I brought this with me as the yarn will be finished, and perhaps knitted with, before my stash arrives in Jakarta.

I've also been spinning on my Ixchel Bunny No. 5 although as it's so slippery and quite a challenge I find I don't go to it very often. It's gorgeous though and I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to knit when it's done. 

That's my TdF - what have you been spinning?

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  1. Mmm the fondant fibre looks particularly stunning.

    1. Thank you. Deb does some great stuff. I might have to get more!