Monday, 8 September 2014

Knitting Confessions #2

There are certain things that I feel it's probably quite important to know in knitting once you've got the basic stitches sorted...for example what the RS and WS is of your fabric, how to tell a knit stitch from a purl stitch, how to read your stitches and how to fix basic mistakes in your knitting. 

Now, I feel pretty confident with most of those aside from the fact that whenever I need to fix a mistake in garter stitch I end up doing it in stockinette stitch. Sadly I have no real excuse apart from laziness for not learning the technique properly I suppose. On occasion I've fluked it and fixed a dropped garter stitch correctly but most of the time I end up with a little line of stockinette stitch...which more often than not stays there because:

a) nobody looks closely enough to notice and 
b) I can live with it! 

There is a fixing knitting mistakes class on craftsy that I'm tempted to enroll in so if you have any reviews I'd love to hear them! 

If you have any confessions you'd like to share nip on over to Stitched Up in Toronto to post your link! If not enjoy reading the confessions of other knitters out there!
Knitting Confessions

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  1. I'm horrible at fixing mistakes in my knitting, especially lace. I usually just let it go because you're right, no one but me will ever notice.

  2. Agreed, I usually call my mistakes and bad fixes, "Design Elements." It makes it your own :)

    1. I often use the term 'design element' too! :-)