Thursday, 1 January 2015


Many bloggers are currently setting their goals for 2015 after reflecting on 2014 but I'm not going to set any long term goals for 2015 as I doubt I will stick to them. If I'm being really honest 2014 was a disappointing year for knitting and spinning. I only got a handful of projects completed and I think part of the reason is that I have so many on the go and need to dedicate more time to getting them done! My knitting and spinning mojo has definitely faded and I hope it comes back soon.

Spinning is massively frustrating for me at the moment and I feel like I'm losing any coordination I had. It doesn't help that I'm not practicing often enough (because of said frustration) so what little time I do spend spinning I don't enjoy. The stop start nature of support spindling and winding on is making me yearn for a wheel; this year may well see me buy one. If I do it will be a Lendrum DT.

I will continue trying to set monthly goals for myself but need to make more of an effort to pick up a project most evenings! This month I think I'm only going to set a few goals to see if that helps me get my mojo back. 

Finish Rivoli shawl - I'm less than 10 rows away from the bind off so this is achievable!
Pick up my cardigan and knit on it! Stop procrastinating and get on with it!
Spin for at least 15 minutes every couple of days.

That's it for me. What are your goals or resolutions for this year or month?

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  1. I'm sorry support spindling is frustrating you. Do you think if you got a spindle that spun for longer you wouldn't get as frustrated? Personally, since finally nailing long draw with a tibetan spindle, there has been no stopping me. Though I admit I really would love to give a wheel a go, if only to discover if it would be possible, physically, for me to use one. I tried the e-spinner and I really didn't like it much at all. I think a proper wheel that I controlled manually would be another matter entirely. Do you have your eye on any particular wheel?

    1. Doh, just forgot that you said what wheel you wanted. Just ignore me, I have no brain today.

    2. I have a butterfly spindle from Malcolm Fielding that does spin longer than my Russians but it's slower. I need to spend more time spinning on it so I can get used to it. It's great that you've mastered long draw! Can I ask why you didn't like the e-spinner? Which one did you try? I was considering a Hansen mini spinner, partly because it's so portable but I like the idea of a treadle wheel better.