Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

Well December has been a very busy month indeed! I apologise sincerely for my lack of content. I haven't really been up to much knitting or spinning this month due to work, a quick trip to Bali to see some friends and then family staying with us for a few weeks.

Bali was delightful and I'm really looking forward to going back at Easter to meet another friend. I took no pictures as the trip was really about relaxing, pampering and spending time with good people. I stayed in Kuta and didn't do much else but shop, eat good food and relax. My lovely friend also treated me to a spa! What we didn't realise at the time was that we had chosen a couples massage! It involved a relaxing massage and scrub with oils and other lovely stuff, an outdoor shower in the glorious weather (which was amazing!) and then a rose petal bath! Being terribly British we were both a little awkward about it at first but after a while we accepted, and then embraced, the humour in the situation!

Christmas has been great and I've enjoyed having my MIL and step daughter staying with us. The weather has been quite good and has rained less than we expected. Much time has been spent in, and by, the swimming pool or at a nearby water park! Christmas Day itself was quiet, we had a roast chicken dinner, chatted with family on Skype and played some card games. What have you been doing this festive season? If you celebrated Christmas, how did you do it?

I did also receive some wonderful news that my older brother and his partner are having their first baby! I'm so excited for them and need to cast on some knitting!

Here is a very disappointing update on my December resolutions: 

1. Complete the right front of my cardigan - I have not picked this up at all this month!
2. Continue spinning on 3 main spinning WIPs - I have spun on one of my WIPs but have done very little.
3. Complete the Seafoam Shawlette to Shrug - I have done a few more rows but really not enjoying it.
4. Complete the Rivoli shawl - I am nearly finished with it!
5. Turn the heel of my sock - I have not picked this up at all this month either! 

Happy new year everybody! I hope 2015 is wonderful and that you get out of it what you want.

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