Thursday, 8 August 2013

Socks are always a good choice

Before we left for the airport I had to make the all important decision of what knitting and spinning I should pack for holiday. I am not good at making decisions and probably should have thought a bit harder about this...socks would have been a great choice, but did I think of that?! No, I didn't! Note to self...always bring socks on holiday! 

Before my holiday I had started a Vertex Cardigan by Carol Feller but hadn't got very far so took it away with me to work on. I had chosen to use 3 different colours as I didn't have enough of one colour. I was using Fyberspates Shiela's Sparkle Sock in Denim and Silver and Fyberspates Sheila's Sock in Raspberry. It was all going beautifully. I had swatched and got gauge, I had decided on my striping pattern to make the most of all of the colours and I had knitted the first part of the back and started the front. occurred to me that I would need at least half of the cardigan's yardage for the pink alone. I only had a I frogged it. I considered changing the size of the pink stripe so it's only 5 rows instead of 10 and then I think it would be OK but for now it's staying in the frog pond. 

I desperately needed something else to cast on as I was going for tea with a fellow knitter from Ravelry, however I had stupidly not brought anything really simple like socks. I did have some gorgeous sunny, yellow yarn though and a pattern all ready for it, for the 1 y/o daughter of a very good friend of mine

I cast on the Low Tide Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in some Fyberspates Rural Charm in the sunshine color way. As I was sat knitting in Simply W (Whittards of Chelsea) in a shopping centre in Bangkok, chatting away, I came to the end of one of the front bodice sections to realise that I had messed up on the lace pattern. That's what you get for talking and knitting lace simultaneously so I put it down until I was back at the hotel where I could concentrate. Funnily enough, my fellow knitter had also made a mistake which she had to rip out too! 

The next day I re-knitted the first bodice part and completed the second piece and the back. I blocked them and then, a couple of days later, continued with the rest of the pattern. I didn't have time to finish it on holiday so arrived home and finished the body. I picked up for the sleeves and knit those. The first one had to be knit twice as I had done this on DPNs and the second on circulars and there was a noticeable difference in how neat they were. 

I loved knitting this pattern. The lace is gorgeous and very simple to knit. The yarn is soft with excellent stitch definition (not so great when you make mistakes!!) and shows off the pattern beautifully. Photos to follow when it's completed.

Of course I was not prepared to be without spinning for 4 weeks. I picked some beautiful Inglenook Fibers in the Peacock colour way from my stash, that I bought with peacock feathers to add in too! I haven't got very far with it. Just about 53 grams or 1.8oz spun up, wound into plying balls. I gave up trying to spin the feathers into the singles and will spin them in when I ply. 

 While in Bangkok I was keen to find some knitting or spinning shops. I found the yarn shops but they were full of imported, European yarns that were really expensive. It would have cost me about £26 ($40) to buy the yarn and DPNs for one pair of socks!! I wouldn't have minded if it had been hand dyed, self striping or something special. 

I then found a shop called The Loom. The Loom specialises in teaching people how to weave with silk. I went along for a 2 hour beginner lesson and came away with some weaving. It's nothing particularly brilliant and the edges are a bit messy but it was a good way to spend 2 hours. While there I asked if they had any spinning fiber and came away with 100g of undyed silk. I haven't been brave enough to try it yet but will soon.  

Today I think I will delve into the world of rolags. I have some samples that I received in my April Phat Fiber box a while ago that have been patiently waiting some attention from me. I am considering buying a blending board but thought I should find out whether I like spinning with rolags before I invest! 

I will leave you with some more holiday pictures. Have a great day!

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