Sunday, 31 August 2014

Settling In

I think it's fair to say that I'd completely forgotten how hard it is to start a new job. It's all going well but at the moment I'm still learning my daily routine, finding my way around the enormous school campus and trying to set up my classroom to my liking. I'm also bringing work home most evenings and the thought of knitting or spinning hasn't really crossed my mind until this weekend when I finally had a day to myself! I only knitted a few rows but it's knitting so I'm happy with that!!

Once I settle fully I'm sure I'll be up to a bit more! It doesn't help that to continue knitting my cardigan I have a 150g skein of fingering weight to hand! Yuck! Looking back I'm puzzled as to why I didn't wind the ball before I shipped my ball winder!?!? Why did I ever think I would get round to doing it by hand!? Crazy talk!!

From the moment we landed up until Friday 15th it was pretty manic. Lots of people to meet, meetings to go to, planning to do and so on. That weekend itself was a little quieter with a trip into central Jakarta to have a look at the biggest shopping centre in Indonesia. We came back with a bargain TV but started to see how bad the traffic is! This weekend I had to wait in for a sofa, hence some knitting time, but the rest was spent marking or planning. Not very exciting!

Jakarta has been great so far and just the change my husband and I needed from China. The compound we live in is fantastic and I'm trying to get into regular swimming in one of the two lovely pools we are so lucky to have access to. Some of the facilities I won't use but having the option and space to is great. The greenery that surrounds is fantastic too. Seeing butterflies, dragonflies and birds flitting around is still so novel to me and brings me such contentment.  

I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog next and I hope that you will be patient and keep coming back to hear about my adventures here in Indonesia!

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