Friday, 1 August 2014

Singapore Botanical Gardens

As I said it would be last week knitting and spinning is rather thin on the ground this week. I've done a few sets of increases on my cardigan sleeves but that's about it. 

Today though I wanted to show you pictures of the Botanical Gardens. Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk but due to him having hay fever and no antihistamines with us we cut the trip short. Needless to say he wasn't feeling like going back today so I went by myself this afternoon. 

If you're ever in Singapore and you like looking round gardens and seeing lots of amazing flora and fauna then you absolutely must go! The grounds are huge though, so be prepared to either spend a whole day there or to go back over a few days. It's free aside from the Orchid Garden which was only 5S$ - a bargain if you ask me!

There are several different routes you can take and some of them are themed, e.g the rainforest or evolution walks. Areas such as Swan Lake and the Sundial Garden are interspersed throughout the paths and provide something different in each one.

Monitor lizards, birds, butterflies, moths, dragonflies and many other animals can be seen on the various walks although you will need to pay attention as some of them stay hidden amongst the trees and bushes. 

Flower fanatics will be swept away by the grounds as well as the Orchid Garden where there are over 1000 species of orchids to be seen! Inside the Orchid Garden is the Cool House which mimics a tropical highland cloud forest and is home to pitcher plants and other cool climate plants. It provides a welcome break from the heat too so is worth exploring. 

There isn't much more to say about it, but I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took and that they give you some idea of how wonderful a place it is.  

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  1. Lovely pictures! I lived in Singapore for eight years. The Botanic Gardens were always a favourite place to go.

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment on my photos. I could imagine spending a lot of time in the gardens if I lived in Singapore. I'll probably go back when we visit Singapore again.

  3. Wow, those orchids are just fantastic! I will bear it in mind if I ever head out.

    1. Thanks. The photos don't do the place justice. It's incredible!