Saturday, 1 November 2014

Gluttons for Punishment!

At the moment we're in a bit of a jumble. We've moved....! Yes...again! Within four months of getting into our apartment! Call us crazy if you like, but we just weren't happy with the apartment we were in so we're now in a house on the same estate. A detached bungalow to be precise - but with the addition of our own garden! 

For the last goodness knows how many years we've wanted to be have a garden but it's not been possible for one reason or another. This move though, we said from the start that we'd spend a bit more on our home to make it right for us. And that's what we've done. We're slowly getting all our furniture in place and having the opportunity to buy beautiful, handmade, unique furniture is great! 

 The garden is beautiful and once we've got chairs out there I think it will be the perfect place to sit and have breakfast of a morning and a barbeques in the evening. Along with the garden we have a lovely room at the back of the bungalow that is the length of the house and about 7 feet wide. I suppose you  might call it a conservatory but the three outer walls do not have glass covering the windows, but mesh. This room will be the last to get sorted though as we still need to buy a plethora of furniture to store all our belongings in. Our plans change frequently but I think we're going to divide it into two distinct areas separated by a beautiful wooden partition - one with a dining table and chairs; the other with some floor cushions and a coffee table. 
Being smaller it's feeling an awful lot more like home as we don't have vast expanses of empty space with nothing to fill it. Needless to say I'm looking forward to it being finished!

In other news our shipping has arrived (mostly unscathed) and has been unpacked. Sort of. We don't yet have enough furniture to put it all away but it will get sorted eventually. My yarn and fiber has of course been released from it's vacuum pack bag and is now sitting getting a bit of air! I need to go through it and make some plans to use it now I have it! 

I have been knitting and spinning and will be back shortly with an update for you now I have somewhere lovely to take photos. However, I need to get my stuff together before that happens! 

I'm going to have a go at posting (almost) every day of November for NaBloPoMo and I'd love some suggestions as to what you all want to hear about!
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  1. Happy NaBloPoMo!! :) How exciting! I love that in some other countries (I'm in the US), everything is crafted or handmade. There are no "box-stores" around the corner to get furniture, or decor.

  2. Oh don't get me wrong an Ikea opened up here last month and there are plenty more stores like it. It's just that it's also really easy to get stuff that's been handmade. I also think it's important to buy local where we can so we're contributing directly to local people's livelihoods.