Sunday, 30 November 2014

Monthly Goals Update

This is my last post for NaBloPoMo and although I didn't post something each day I am really happy with what I have posted. It's definitely shown me that I can blog more and I will try and keep up some of the things I've started over the last month. 

I'm rounding this month off with an update on my goals for November.

1. Pick up my cardigan and do something with it! Anything! Perhaps even knit on it! I have been knitting here and there on the right front. Not much has been done but it's better than nothing.
2. Spin some of a WIP. I have spun on a couple of WIPs this month, including one that has been hibernating for some time.
3. Knit a bit more of a sock. I'm not too far from the heel!
4. Try not to distracted by all of the things! I have picked up on old spinning project to use with my new spindle but aside from that I've only worked on a few projects.
5. Blog as much as possible during November. Well this is the last day of November and my 16th post for the month! That's just over half and I'm happy with that!

I'll be back with my December goals this week! For now though I'd love to hear what you've enjoyed reading this month!  

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