Saturday, 22 November 2014

Spindle Saturday!

As I mentioned a few posts ago I requested a custom spindle from Malcolm Fielding. I was delighted to find out it was in the post but also anxious that it might get lost like my Twist issue of Ply magazine. That fear was alleviated yesterday however!

I couldn't spin on it last night after work as I went to the cinema, so I eagerly awoke this morning to try it out! It is absolutely wonderful! I've only spun on Russians, Phangs or my drop spindle so wasn't sure how different it would be spinning with a spindle that has a more sustained spin. It may now be my preference! Whilst I enjoy my Russian spindles I find the shorter spinning time frustrating and have been spinning less due to this.

The spindle is a Butterfly spindle and one of a handful. The whorl is hollowed out on either side, but is made from one piece of wood, to give it it's lovely butterfly wing shape. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to own one of them. I really like the unique design and the contrast between the light Silky Oak of the whorl and the Dymondwood charcoal shaft.

The fiber that it came with is Corriedale roving which I've spun before but didn't like. This time though I'm finding it really easy to draft and thoroughly enjoying it. I may have to put Corriedale on my list of fibers I like spinning.

If you're a spindle spinner which style of spindle do you prefer?

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  1. I started on a Tibetan as I heard they were nice and stable with a long spin to get me going with. I only got my first Russian a while ago and I've not really got on with it yet as it it feels to light and flimsy to me. That may just be the spindle though because I recently got a very light weight bead whorl spindle from Spanish Peacock and I LOVE it. The balance is perfect and it spins like a rocket. I'm getting lovely thin single from it. I adore Spanish Peacock. I wish I could own more of them (I have two now). I recently got a Neal Brand Tibetan and I love that too now. Malcolm Fielding is one I've got a mental note on though, so hopefully I'll get one eventually. I'm not sure about the butterfly style or Dervish because I'd worry about the wide whorl at the bottom hitting my bowl.

    1. I saw the bead spindle on the podcast. I'm not surprised it spins so quickly! What's the spin time though? Spanish Peacock do make lovely spindles; I have a pocket Russian and it's beautiful to use. I've not looked much into the Neal Brand spindles but perhaps I should! The butterfly whorl doesn't hit the side of the bowl unless I lean it very far over, however I do use shallow spinning bowls anyway. I've not looked into the dervishes because I don't really like the shape of them. Malcolm does do a variety of other whorls that may suit you though.