Friday, 14 November 2014

Midmonth Update

At the beginning of the month I wrote some of my goals. As it's half way through the month I thought I'd update you on how they're going. 

1. Pick up my cardigan and do something with it! Anything! Perhaps even knit on it! I picked it up! I knitted on it! Pictures tomorrow to prove it!
2. Spin some of a WIP.  I've been spinning on the Inglenook batt and the Woolgatherings top from this post. I've not made much progress but it's progress none the less.
3. Knit a bit more of a sock. I have knit a little bit since this post but not much. I need to get back to it!
4. Try not to distracted by all of the things! I have resisted the tempation to cast on more things or start more spinning projects...yay!
5. Blog as much as is possible during November. Well this is my 9th post this month. It's not as much as other bloggers but I'm really pleased with how much I'm managing to blog. 
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